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Code Red Distribution can offer customers a range of off the shelf or bespoke software packages for printing, scanning and mobile computing applications. 


Our in house developers can offer:


  • Programming for label printers in Zebra ZPL, Eltron EPL, Toshiba TPL, Datamax DMX and Intermec FingerPrint programming languages

  • Label formatting via Bar Tender, FingerPrint and C Sharp 

  • Routine generation for stand alone & non PC based printing applications

  • Entry level data collection routines for simple scan and send application via batch/non radio mobile computers

  • Bespoke development for stock control, asset management, proof of delivery, field ordering & service, production tracking etc


Development outside of printing applications is done via .Net and SQL programming and can be set up to run as a stand alone system, integrated to customers existing accounting and CRM packages, via web browser or indeed fully hosted and serviced on the Code Red Cloud.


Software is modular and written to customer's specification. For more details or to discuss your requirements in greater depth, contact our account manager's now on 01293 528828.


We also supply a portfolio of more off the shelf style solutions for customers requiring some flexibility but not as much as a full bespoke package would provide. Principle amongst this is Stockade - our fully developed stock control solution for small to medium sized businesses wanting to keep better control of their goods.

Example - leading UK freight company engages our Code Red and our long standing partner to develope a routing system for each of their depots


A widely know UK freight company engaged our partner to provide a solution to their depot parcel routing issues. Their issue was that as each bulk transporting lorry arrived into depot, parcels and consignments were being off loaded and had to be manually inputted into their internal system then identified and routed to the correct outgoing truck. They identified that there was far too much 'human' input taking place which meant too large a margin for error. Also, the procedure was far too manual and with a complete lack of a system beyond their internal network, there was limited traceability and proof of transaction.


After identifying the correct hardware to use within each depot, we designed a system for them that allowed:


  • Direct connection to their existing back office software to retrieve consignment and customer details for each days collections & deliveries

  • Log in of only registered depot users with access to only pre-designated areas related to job function

  • Ability to check if an item should have been scanned in, where it should be subsequently loaded and whether the vehicle is in depot or not

  • Function to display non scanned goods, log them to permanent record and issue instruction for correct routing

  • Misrouted freight capability able to identify incorrect freight and action accordingly

  • Damaged freight report and capture - users can photograph damaged freight via the hand held terminal, enter notes and save to file

  • Spot check capability for customer queries - if a customer queries a charge based on consignment weight and size, our system allows the record to be recalled and checked

All of the data is held on terminal memory for the duration of the routing process and is uploaded automatically back to main system once docked. We also designed the software in such as way as to allow easy module amendment & upgrade with the ability to switch to full wireless 802.11x communication via wireless infra-structure once the end user is in a position to upgrade their internal systems.

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