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When it comes to barcode and label systems, we're experts. If you need a partner that can take an objective view of a system requirement, analyse best fit and practice and provide you with solutions to the application, then Code Red is it.


We have over 40 years industry experience and our direct relationships with the key industry vendors allow us to take a cross platform approach to specifying hardware and solutions - we look for best fit for the customer rather than working to an agenda. 





Via one of our solutions partners, a leading bulk freight logistics firm came to us needing a solution to streamline their cross dock depot operations. They needed a system to scan consignments off incoming trucks and have a system in place to route these to the correct outgoing truck. 


Hardware Requirement: 


This firm needed a non WiFi hand held computer with alpha numeric keypad and a standard range barcode scanner that could communicate to the host system via an ethernet enabled dock/cradle.


We asked:


  • Does the screen size of the mobile computer need to be large to accomodate plenty of information for the operator?

  • Is key size important?

  • Would they operators like a palm based device or one with a gun grip for point and shoot?

  • How long would the units be in operation between charge?

  • Were the units always be used indoors or within the four walls?

  • Was quick and efficient service cover key to keeping the application running or would spare devices be ordered?



Based on the customer's response to these questions, we supplied a number of hand held devices for them to evaluate and we offered an honest, objective appraisal of each so that the end user was in full grasp of the facts.



After a period of evaluation and testing, the end user opted to purchase the middle unit above - the Datalogic Falcon X3 - based on their requirement for a large, clear display, keysize, ergonomic fit, scanner performance and service back up.


At Code Red, we deal with the leading Auto ID vendors directly - it means we have access to the best products at competitive prices. We also listen to customers and their needs and make sure what we specify always fits and always ticks their boxes.  

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