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Part of our service to our clients includes staging devices - printers, scanners and hand held computers.


If you need your application loading onto a hand held computer before being sent to site - literally so its ready to work straight out of the box - our in house team can ensure software is loaded, tried and tested before ever reaching the client's site. 


By offering a staging service, we can ensure piece of mind for our clients - no support issues immediately upon receipt of order, seamless transition and a satisfied end user - ensuring maximum opportunity for repeat or ongoing business. 


Many of our supplied systems now come with device management software - Wavelink, SOTI, 12Manage - to name but a few. We can make provision to stage the device and load them into these suites, providing visibility of status to all concerned parties.


Staging from Code Red is all part of the service designed to take a weight from your mind.


Example - helping a leading bulk logistics firm with their in cab solution


A leading bulk logistics firm based in the West Midlands engaged Code Red and our solutions partner in tandem to provide a in truck solution that would allow them to run their own internally designed software which assigns deliveries & collections, tracks parcels & consignments and offers route management to the driver. 



The customer purchased...


The user identified the Honeywell CN51 hand held PDA as their preferred device - this is a Windows Embedded hand held computer with internal 3G, WiFi and 1D laser scanner. The big advantage with this device was the large 3.5" display which allowed their software to run to its maximum capability and resolution. Coupled with the rugged casing, it offered an ideal solution for on the road data collection. 


The system was completed by in cab docks for the hands helds offering charge capability via the 12V cigarette lighter connector. 



How we staged and enabled their system....


Phase 1 of the system saw us supply the devices to the user but phase 2 is where we offered the front line assistance and support we're known for:


  • Each device had to have a Vodafone SIM card installed

  • Each device needed the backup battery turned on

  • Each device needed to have the user's software loaded on

  • Each device needed to be logged against serial & SIM number then entered onto SOTI, the well known device management platform


Code Red enabled each and every one of 250 hand helds to the above instruction ensuring they were fully ready to go once delivered to site.


And finally...


The last phase of the system saw our engineers visit depots across the UK during weekend shut down to install vehicle docks to each truck in the fleet. Cradles were drilled into dashboards, mounted and tested for working order. 


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