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At Code Red Distribution, our 40 years of experience in the industry and a background in technical engineering means we can offer customers a full integration service to existing and new platforms.


Our in house team offers programming and coding capability through MySQL, Visual Studio and Xaramin for mobile computing applications. Our strong background in printing systems allows us to code applications on Zebra ZPL and EPL, Datamax DPL, Toshiba TPL, Intermec Fingerprint & Direct Protocol as well as newer methods based on C Sharp.


If your customer wants to integrate with SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Dynamics or other in house systems, we can help - whether thats a printer, scanner or mobile computing application. We do the groundwork to make sure our systems meet your customer's requirements, fit in and work.

Example - leading Automotive parts supplier engages Code Red and our partner to solve their shipping accuracy issues


The end user is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of engine filtration, air intake, cooling systems and flexible suspension components both for the top vehicle manufacturers and the replacement markets.



The problem:


Via our partner, this company engaged us to produce a new labelling system to provide accurate counting of product variants during testing to ensure that the right number of pieces are placed in each stillage (packaging carton) prior to shipping.  Code Red developed suitable software tables to hold variant information required for the system, located upon the client’s server.  These tables include the binary code, name, picture and stillage quantity of each variant, plus Odette label information.  Odette are the standardised barcode labels for accurate identification of goods in the automotive industry. 



How we integrated the solution:


We were able to access via database via Industrial PC  over the client’s internal network, providing the operator with a visual overview of the system and progress of the testing.  The software retrieves variant information from SQL Database and prints the Odette label after the variant cycle is complete.  The customer also require an easy to use yet reliable printer to produce the Odette label for the stillage so we turned to the Citizen CL-S6621 6" wide label printer. The client didn’t require a high volume of labels, they required quality and economy, and the most cost-effective printer around was the CL‑S6621.


The client’s labelling system does not run 24 hours a day. Each part takes about 10-20 minutes to test, with several parts being prepared for each stillage.  When the part is entered into the system a label is produced and when testing is complete another is printed for packaging, so hours may pass between the printing of each label.  What’s important for this system is a printer that produces high quality output to ensure a good barcode and, since output is low, an effective one. 

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