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Read every barcode on the line with the Datalogic Matrix 300

The Datalogic Matrix 300™ is a ultra-compact image based bar code reader designed for performance on high speed and Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications.

The Matrix 300™ combines a high resolution sensor with ultra-fast image acquisition: 1.3 megapixels, 60 frames per second. The optical system incorporates a liquid lens module for the electronic control of the focus. As result the reader offers automatic focus adjustment without the addition of moving parts. FEATURES & BENEFITS: Ultra-compact reader High performance DPM reading Liquid lens electronic focus control Integrated dual illuminator: dark field/bright field Fast and high resolution image sensor: 1.3 megapixels, ‘true’ 60 frame/s Power over Ethernet Option Extreme Industrial grade: IP67, 0-50°C operating temperature Precise dual laser aiming system​

APPLICATIONS: This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following applications: Manufacturing, Electronics and Automotive: - DPM code validation after marking - Work-in-progress control - Parts and assemblies traceability Food and Beverage: - Work-in-progress traceability - Document Processing - High speed process control Medical: - Medical device traceability - Clinical Lab Automation - Biomedical analysis machines - Specimen collection machines

For further information on the Matrix 300 and the rest of the Datalogic fixed position ID product range, please call us or e - mail us at

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