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Easily deploy a high-performance network at an affordable price point with Ruckus Unleashed

With Ruckus Unleashed™ Access Points from Code Red Distribution, small and medium businesses can deploy Wi-Fi in minutes and configure it in just 60 seconds. Take advantage of a low-cost, high performance network that delivers an optimal wireless experience for your customers.

Watch the youtube clip above and see how quick and easy it is to deploy the Unleashed system

Now is the time to deliver an optimal wireless experience with high performance and resiliency that meets growing business needs!

Why choose Unleashed? Controller-less Deployment - No controller needed. Any access point can be primary, standby or member access point. Client devices can be connected to any access point. Ease of Deployment - Easy to deploy and manage. User logs into UI, selects a master access point, and then deploys the network. No need to purchase additional licenses with Unleashed Resiliency - If primary access point goes down then the standby access point becomes the master access point Guest features - Enhance the user experience with: Guest WLAN access, captive portal, Guest Pass, Custom Logo and HotSpot service for WISPr.

Above: Ruckus ZoneFlex R500 access point - one of our most widely used APs within the Unleashed system

RF Management - Reliable WiFi network via client load balancing, background scanning, auto-channel selection, band balancing BeamFlex+ - Adaptive Antenna Technology that maximizes signal coverage, throughput, and network capacity ChannelFly - Predictive capacity management for RF channel selection. Select proper channel to maximize throughput in real-time

Investment that lasts - reduce your total cost of ownership and increase your ROI:

- Deploy fewer access points for better coverage - No access point licenses or controller costs - Migrate to Rukcus ZoneDirector or SmartZone Platform to meet growing business needs

For more information and pricing on the Ruckus range or to find out how Code Red can partner with you, contact us now on 01293 528828 or e - mail us here

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