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It's Spring Clearance at Code Red - plenty of stock to be had at bargain prices!

All the items below are new & boxed so if you spot something of interest - make us an offer!

2844-20330-0011 - Zebra LP2844 direct thermal printer

99-143A003-00LF - TSC TDP-244 DT Printer

5200-602875G - Hands free stand for Unitech MS839 Scanner

718BB-32669 - Unitech PS705 Presentation Scanner, Black USB cable

90ACC1878 - Datalogic Touch Light Scanner Stand

945200000 - Datalogic Falcon X3 Hand held, 802.11 a/b/g CCX v4, Bluetooth v2, 29-key

Numeric, 1D Laser w. Green Spot,CE 6

CHR-80 - Datalogic C8000 Charger for Powerscan Cordless

GD4430-HC - Datalogic Gryphon 2D tethered scanner, healthcare version

GM4130-BKK1 - Datalogic Gryphon GM4130 Black USB Kit

GM4130-WH - Datalogic Gryphon Mobile M4130

LS4278-TRWU0100ZWR - Motorola LS4278 Cordless scanner kit, USB

M22-01ER - Datalogic Magellan 2200VS, Scanner, Multi-Interface,Std Counter Mount

MS180-1UBG - Unitech 80mm CCD Scanner Straight with USB Cable (Black)

MS180-1UG - Unitech 80mm CCD Scanner Straight with USB Cable (white)

MS337-6UCB00-1G - Unitech MS337 2D Imager with USB Cable

MS350-1UG - Unitech MS350 Linear Imager with USB Cable

MS839-SUCL00-SG - Unitech MS839 Laser Scanner Beige with USB Cable

MS840-MUCB0S-SG - Unitech MS840 Laser Scanner with USB Cable and Stand

MS910-CUBB00-SG - Unitech MS910 Pocket CCD Scanner with Bluetooth

PM8300-D433 - Datalogic Powerscan PM8300

PM8300-DK433 - Datalogic Powerscan PM8300/Display keyboard 433

11709 - Opticon H19 Mobile Computer, 1D scanner

1550-900055G - Unitech TB100 Tablet Cigarette Lighter Charger

5000-602217G - 4-slot Desktop Ethernet Cradle for Unitech PA600 series

5000-900001G - Unitech PA968 Desktop 4-slot Ethernet cradle

986547 - Unitech TB100 Tablet USB cable

MS840-SUPBGD-SG - Unitech MS840 Cordless laser scanner with dongle and PSU

PA500-0260UADG - Unitech PA500II Enterprise PDA Standard

PA500-9260UADG - Unitech PA500II Enterprise PDA Standard, Laser

PA550-9892QADG - Unitech PA550 Industrial PDA Windows Mobile 6.5, BT,RF,5G Camera GPS

TB100-0AC2WA6G - Unitech TB100 Android table PC WiFi, Bluetooth, 3.75G,GPS & Camera

Give us a call on 01293 528828 or e - mail us on

Don't be shy, make us an offer! Everything must go!

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