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SOTI - End-to-End Enterprise Mobility Management

Business mobility is complicated and becoming more so. More workers outside the office and more device types; makes, models and operating systems, are making it more important than ever to manage and secure your company’s mobile devices. On top of this, your mobile workers need to be as productive on the road as they are in the office. They need access to key business applications and important company content. To keep up with all this change, your company needs a business mobility strategy, and a top-notch Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution support it. SOTI removes the complexity from managing a multi-OS, multi-vendor, and multi-purpose mobile business environment. SOTI MobiControl is an end-to-end EMM solution that manages mobile devices, applications, content, and security from within a single management console.

Device enrollment can present a challenge for IT departments that are tasked with provisioning large numbers of devices across different areas of the business and different geographic locations. SOTI MobiControl makes device enrollment easy, regardless of device, operating system, or deployment model. Business mobility is a complex management challenge. Laptop, Smartphone or tablet? BYOD vs. Corporate liable? Android, Windows or iOS? The permutations and combinations are endless. Businesses want an EMM solution that is device and OS independent; able to support their business requirements for one type of device, or many. SOTI is completely device and operating system agnostic. We manage your entire mobile device deployment no matter how complicated or dynamic. To make it easier for you, SOTI runs an in-house device certification program to ensure that new hardware, and operating systems work as expected.

You need a comprehensive mobile security solution that delivers all of the required security elements; physical, network, data and device security. You need a flexible mobile security solution that can adapt to new security threats before they become a problem. SOTI EMM does it all, security is our middle name. We enforce device authentication, data encryption and manage certificates to prevent unauthorized device use and data loss. SOTI supports containerization to assure regulatory compliance, and prevent the misuse of valuable company assets. We track lost or stolen devices, and can shut them down or remote wipe them in the field if required. On applications, SOTI delivers a comprehensive suite of mobile application management features. We enable over-the-air distribution, configuration, updating, and removal of apps from you enterprise library or public app store. For mandatory business apps, we can install/remove apps in the background, without the user even being aware of what is going on, and whitelists/blacklists provide an extra layer of control. SOTI gives your business a fully unified, fully curated application experience.

SOTI MobiControl Secure Content Library is the perfect solution for securely distributing and managing corporate content to your mobile workforce. Supporting all major formats, files can be seamlessly delivered one-to-one, one-to-many or one-to-all. Secure Content Library gives you fine-grained control over your content, allowing administrators to set priority levels, document expiry, and location-based delivery. SOTI also provides easy, automatic device retirement; devices can be retired with the touch of a button and with a minimum amount of end user involvement. IT administrators can wipe corporate partitions, de-provision access to corporate resources, and un-enroll BYOD devices from active management. Using over-the-air backup and device wipe, IT can stay on top of changes in the organization and ensure devices are re-purposed or retired according to corporate policy.

For more information and pricing on SOTI MobiControl, contact your Code Red account manager now on 01293 528828 or e - mail us here


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