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Automate your labelling process with a Code Red print & apply system

Do you want to apply a label to a moving box, carton or pallet? Need the label applied to the top, bottom, front, back or side of the object? Code Red print and apply labelling systems offer the solution

Productivity is money. As one of the final yet most important steps before shipping and delivery, the last place you can afford inaccuracies, bottlenecks and downtime is with printing and labelling. In our years of providing Print and Apply solutions, we've learned that no two production flows are exactly alike. Code Red delivers a complete solution for automated printing and application of labels - Print & Apply. We take responsibility for the entire process, from requirement specifications to installation and maintenance. Our solutions are based on a number of modules. Printers, applicators, PCU and accessories. The printer can be a Thermal Transfer printer or a Direct Thermal printer, depending on the customers requests. The solutions are often installed directly in the production process, but can also be placed in pre and post processing. Wherever you place it, you avoid downtime and get a smoother production and handling.

When applying a label on a product there are many things to consider. Product speed, label size, shape, surface etc are different factors that you must consider if you want a optimal solution. Thereafter there are a series of additional options that can be relevant for the solution to be complete. We carefully screen your needs and requirements and then suggests the best solution for your labelling needs. Since we have extensive experience in developing equipment for Print & Apply, we have a series of standard solutions. As the demand for more efficiency, productivity and traceability grows, the need for automatic pallet labelling systems increases. The Code Red pallet labelling system (above) offers a wide range of features built into two different enclosures of aluminium or stainless steel construction. It delivers a flexible, reliable, safe and easy to operate solution to ensure maximum productivity for many years to come, even in the harshest of industrial environments.

The demand for faster Print & Apply solutions increases along with higher production rates in manufacturing and distribution operations. Code Red offers both standard and customized High Speed solutions to meet those demands. Regardless of application, Code Red’s reliable and robust Print & Apply units are designed to deliver even in the most harsh conditions.

Easy to integrate in existing production line

Available in right and left mounted versions for better operator comfort

Labelling 100 products/min

Dual Pad option for halved downtime and doubled printhead lifetime

Easy and intuitive interface for communication with other systems

Quick and easy access for service

Solutions for Master/Slave and Dual Print & Apply

Code Red can offer clients a full end to end service from specifying and quoting to installation and commissioning to service and support. Does your customer have a requirement for automated labelling? Would like to get involved but don't know where to start? We're here to help every step of the way and will work with you to produce a solution that fits, works well and delivers on your customer's expectations.

For more information on our range of print and apply systems and services, call us now on 01293 528828 or e - mail us here

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