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Introducing the Worlds First Battery Free Wireless Barcode Scanner

Code Red is pleased to announce the new Honeywell’s Voyager™ 1202G-BF - a single-line laser scanner that incorporates breakthrough battery-free technology, offering the freedom of Bluetooth® wireless technology without the maintenance hassle or long recharge time associated with traditional batteries.

An integrated Bluetooth Class 2 radio grants users complete freedom of movement up to 10 meters (33 feet) from the base in a typical work environment. For added convenience, a paging system on the base activates auditory signals that help to locate a misplaced scanner. Battery-free wireless technology completely eliminates the battery, replacing it with a super-capacitor capable of achieving full-charge in less than 35 seconds, and providing enough wireless power to last at least 100 scans.

This makes the 1202g-bf ideal for applications where occasional wireless scanning is needed; for example, as a complement to bioptic (in-counter) scanners in retail environments where bulky items are sometimes left in shopping carts and must be scanned by hand. With no battery, a common maintenance hassle is removed and the scanner is lighter and more ecologically friendly. Voyager is a plug-and-play scanner, and features a multi-interface design with automatic interface detection. By automatically configuring itself to the appropriate interface upon connection, the installation process is shortened, and the cumbersome task of scanning programming bar codes is eliminated. Built on the proven Voyager platform, the 1202g-bf offers high performance linear bar code scanning and the convenience of wireless—all without the battery.

Voyager 1202G-BF Features & Benefits: Battery-Free Wireless Technology: Fully charges in less than 35 seconds with a wall power adapter, and provides short-term power for at least 100 wireless scans. Bluetooth® Wireless Technology: Grants wireless freedom of movement up to 10 meters (33 feet) from the base, depending on user environment. Reliable Bar Code Reading: quick scanning of a variety of 1D bar codes, including those that are damaged or poor quality. Automatic Interface Configuration: Supports all popular interfaces in one device with automatic interface detection and configuration. Paging Functionality: Simply press the button on the base to locate your lost scanner; Voyager responds with a series of beeps and blinking lights on its indicator panel.

Code Red can offer resellers and integrators the full range of Honeywell barcode readers, hand helds & accessories plus a huge range of managed support services including staging, installation, device management and ongoing service. We also provide full software development and support for bespoke applications - why not contact us now and find out what we can do for your business?

For more information on the Voyager 1202G-BF or any other part of the Honeywell scanning and mobility range, please contact your Code Red account manager on 01293 528828 or e - mail us here

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